Books summuries for kids

I made this projct for my kids to encourge them to read books and make summry for it. It is in Dutch , and no plan for now to make it english

I am using Nextjs , markdown , to store and show data.


Next. js is a JavaScript framework that is built on top of React, a popular library for building user interfaces. This means that you can use React to build your app, and Next. js provides additional tools and features to make the process easier. One of the main benefits of Next.

MD :

MD allows you to write markdown content. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents.


Tailwind CSS is an open source CSS framework. The main feature of this library is that, unlike other CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, it does not provide a series of predefined classes for elements such as buttons or tables.

you can visit the website it on the link :